6 Ways to Decrease Pre-Wedding Stress and Make Planning Effortless

Are you planning your wedding? Is the pre-wedding stress getting to you? Then check out these 6 ways to decrease pre-wedding stress and get back into your wedding planning with a more positive, effortless experience.

1. Delegate to your wedding party

The first thing you should be doing, particularly if you are feeling stressed, is to delegate to your bridesmaids, groomsmen, or willing family or friends. It’s probable that since you’ve been planning your wedding, you’ve had offers from your friends asking if you need help. Take some of them up on it!

2. Relax with some beautiful bath & body products

Try Sniffy Scents, who make all natural, vegan handmade products with incredible scents. Think Pink Champagne & exotic fruit bath foam or vanilla and bourbon beard balm. Perfect for every single person to relax and pamper. Perfect for bomboniere too. There’s a whole range of products from soy melts to body scrubs and lotions. The glorious scents are sure to decrease pre-wedding stress and leave you feeling positively pampered.

3. Go get a massage

Head to your local massage parlour and get the whole treatment. A full body massage for an hour or two and take some time to yourself to de-stress. Your body will thank you!

4. Unplug from social media

The best way to do this is to head somewhere in the literal middle of nowhere without internet access or mobile reception. How can you be tempted to check your email if you literally can’t? Or, leave your phone/iPad at home and head to a hotel nearby for a short staycation, and treat yourself (and maybe your partner) to a little well-deserved break! If you’re worried about missing something important, let your family know where you are and if need be, they will call the hotel.

5. Laugh

Easier said than done, of course. So if you’re super stressed, head to a comedy show or flick across to Netflix and binge watch some of the many amazing comedy specials on there. I recommend Ali Wong. If you haven’t seen anything by Ali, then now is the time to introduce yourself. You’ll be laugh-crying in no time. Make a night of it with your bae.

6. Get a wedding planner

It is never too late to get a planner in to help you with everything. Even if you’re a week out and need an “on the day” coordinator, why not reach out to our network of talented wedding planners? Sometimes it’s worth a few extra dollars to have peace of mind and feel more relaxed. Hiring a pro is always a bit of a relief.

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