DIY Letters for him or her

Planning to write love letters for him or her? Learn some tricks to making one-of-a-kind love letters, full of thoughtful sentiments and heartfelt ideas!

My man’s recent out-of-town work trip spurred me to wrote letters, sealing them up in envelopes, and tying them with a ribbon. I included instructions to open one each day while he was away. I knew the daily reminder of how much I cared would keep his spirits up and keep me on his mind! I had so much fun writing these love letters for him–you can too! Try these DIY love letter ideas for him or her, and share sentiments your loved ones will cherish forever!

The project requires only a few necessities: Stationery envelopes, a pen, and some ribbon or string.

I chose to be creative with how I penned my letters. Here are some ideas for creative alternatives to simple lined paper:

  • Vintage postcards
  • The inside of old book covers
  • Butcher’s paper
  • Brown paper bag scraps
  • Mismatched greeting cards
  • The backs of photographs

Tip No. 1: Think out of the box

Feel free to go wild with this project. The more eclectic and varied the letters, the more fun they will be to open. Take a field trip around your house collecting anything you feel might make good stationery. I even used my vintage typewriter to type out one letter. Then, I used a page torn out of my personal journal. Be just as creative with the envelopes. Use different styles and colors.

Tip No. 2: Put a personal touch to your letter

Don’t rush your letter writing. Take a free afternoon to write, or spread the project out over a few days. Sit in a quiet place, (I chose my porch with a cup of coffee!) and focus on that special someone, recalling memories, affirming them, and telling them how much you care. When you’re done with each letter, spritz a little of your perfume on the paper, and swipe on lipstick to leave a cute kiss-mark on the seal. Label the envelopes Day 1, Day 2, etc. and tie up your little bundle with a ribbon.

Tip No. 3: Expect the unexpected

When you present your love letters for him or for her, don’t be surprised if they tear up! They will be overjoyed to see how much you care about them, and a daily reminder of your love will help pass the days until you see them again. Just be sure to remind them: Only one letter allowed per day! That make sense!

Now you know how to write love letters for him or her, or really anyone in your life that you cherish! Apply these DIY love letter ideas and tips which are so fun to craft and just as fun for the reader to open! These are way more meaningful and sincere than just sending text messages or emails to someone special. These love letters for him or her may be old but they are as precious as gold! Don’t forget to share them with your family and friends.

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