Most Popular Reception Venue

When it comes to picking a venue, there are a few factors that you should take into consideration before you choose what type of reception venue you’re actually after.

For instance, most couples want to make sure they’re looking for quality over quantity. Having a good quality reception venue that will complement your vision will make all of your additionals, such as wedding hire or decorations, look even better. There’s no point picking a rustic-style venue if you’re having a traditional or classic wedding. The themes just won’t suit.

Another feature to look out for is reception venues that offer a lot of tailored packages to choose from. Every wedding is different, and especially if you’re hosting your wedding at a reception venue you’ve been to before, you don’t want a cookie cutter wedding. The basic package that you’ve seen in the past might not actually suit the vision you’re after against a unique package, and vice versa.

Depending on the type of reception venue you choose, you’ll also be given a set wedding planner or wedding advisor who can help you style the venue to your wedding. Having a consistent point of contact at your venue throughout the planning period is a huge bonus. The wedding venue is likely one of the first suppliers you’re looking for, and you might even be booking your venue more than a year out from the actual day. Having someone caring and passionate with an eye for your plan and vision can help make planning easier, and also relieve some of the pressure when it comes to setting up for the day.

Lastly, when choosing a wedding reception venue it’s also good to plan for the worst. Particularly if you’re selecting a venue that is outdoors, or picking a venue based particularly on their outdoor features for photos, having a wet weather plan is a must. While this is something that you can plan yourself, some venues will actually acknowledge that the weather can sometimes turn, and already have a plan ready to go when you enquire. This can be a huge bonus if you’re already doing a lot of DIY yourself, as it gives you one less thing to worry about knowing that weather isn’t going to ruin your big day.

So what is the most popular reception venue? We’ve looked at the most popular type of wedding venues and why couples choose to host their reception there.

Reception Venues

When it comes to booking their wedding reception venue, most couples still choose a designated reception venue for their big day, making this the most popular reception venue throughout the years.

There are many reasons and bonuses to choose a venue that is specifically designed for weddings. Some reception venues also have a chapel or outdoor area for you to also hold the ceremony, which means that you and your guests aren’t having to move around to different locations throughout the day.

Designated reception venues are also super useful to help you pick a theme, or theme out in the style that you want. You could pick a forest or rustic venue that already has its own style and theme to complement that. Or you can choose a venue that can act as a blank canvas to really stylise to your own vision.

Set wedding reception venues also often have a wedding planner or wedding advisor on site who can also help with your big day, So whatever your reasoning, choosing a designated reception venue will often make planning your wedding more streamlined and perhaps even that little bit easie

A restaurant or Hotel

While they have lost some of their popularity over the years, hosting your wedding reception in a restaurant or hotel is still the second most popular choice for couples. A restaurant or hotel can act as a beautiful setting for your wedding and are often suited to couples who have fewer guests because of the intimacy that they help provide. So if you’re looking for a more casual event that can help create a conversation between your nearest and dearest, and give your guests a more intimate setting throughout the evening, a restaurant or hotel is for you.

You also have the added bonus of being able to try the food beforehand, outside of a food test. If you want to know what the chef is like at your wedding venue, slip into the restaurant or hotel for dinner beforehand and sample some of their signature dishes. This will give you a good idea about the quality of the food, in a regular non-test environment.

Hotels and restaurants can also be a popular choice for country weddings if you’re looking for a more central venue in a city or town and have guests coming from several different locations.

Historic Sites

There are some couples who see a venue and just can’t resist the touch of history and character it can bring to their big day. If you’re looking to host your wedding at a venue that will make a statement and be remembered by your guests, having a wedding reception at a historic site is for you. These sites can add a historic charm to your wedding.

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