The 6 Biggest Wedding Trends of Summer 2018

You may be attending no fewer than 4 million weddings this summer, but we have a feeling you’ll spot a couple repeating elements from rustic barn to rustic barn. Here are six wedding trends bound to take over summer and leave an impression. Keep your eyes peeled.

Star-Spangled Details

Just like this masterpiece (the Gala-1002 from Galia Lahav), the stars will align on dresses, accessories (that veil, tho) and more all summer long. Think: celestial-inspired appliqués, hairpieces and even glittery makeup. Shine on, people

Crystal Decor

The wellness trend has officially taken over, which means you will definitely be seeing rose quartz, citrine and fancy rocks galore in everything from geode wedding cakes to shimmering place cards. We also love the idea of tucking an icy blue celestite into your clutch for your “something blue.”

Rentals All-Around

Grooms, groomsmen, bridesmaids and mothers/fathers of the bride/groom are ditching the days of buying something they’ll never wear again and renting garb instead. Sites like The Black Tux and Rent the Runway make the tedious process even simpler by sending you sizes straight to your door. Brides, unfortunately the trend hasn’t quite caught on for you yet.

Lemon and Elderflower Flavors

Did you seriously think you would make it through this list without a nod to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? The latest royal wedding is importing a shipping container’s worth of British trends stateside. The one we expect to see mimicked at weddings this summer? Lemon and elderflower. Expect the flavor profile in anything from the cake (just like Harry and Megz) to specialty cocktails.

No More Hashtags

As much as we loved stalking OnceUponaTime, ForeverMore, ToHaveandToHold feld, we’re ready to move on from punny hashtags, and the whole thing in general. Why? Couples have OD-ed on PDSM (public display of social media) and are getting back to a lil’ something we like to call “living in the moment.”

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