The Best Venues for A Rustic Wedding On The Sunshine Coast

At Easy Weddings, we just love a rustic wedding day. There is something so relaxed and welcoming about a wedding that is a step back in time, to a sweeter, simpler life. Paring back all of the razzle and dazzle allows your relationship to the central point of focus; as it should be on your wedding day!

Secrets on the Lake

If you are looking for a reception venue that is hidden away in lush rainforest surrounds and will have your guests wondering how you ever managed to find the place, you have to check out Secrets on the Lake. The spectacular panoramic views of the water and ornately carved decks will have you thinking you are more like the Swiss Family Robinson than a modern-day bride!

Their dedicated wedding coordinators are almost as excited about planning your wedding as you are. Let them recommend the perfect options for your fantasy day, from food and beverage delights to your choice of ceremony spot, to all of the tiny details that make your day unique.

Noosa Waterfront Restaurant

Beside the grand old river, this venue is home to some equally old ladies in the Moreton Bay fig trees offering wonderful shade to your family and friends. This rustic wedding venue on the Sunshine Coast has become famous not just for the shady embrace of these lovely trees, but for its location, food, service and enormously warm atmosphere.

Sandstone Point Hotel

For a rustic Sunshine Coast wedding reception venue that is something completely different, you must take a walk through the Sandstone Point Hotel. The chic, vintage décor blends perfectly with the exposed brick and timber features, and it all provides an incredible starting point to build your own themed masterpiece.

Boasting an incredible array of photographic opportunities that will really make your wedding album stand out, if you are looking for simple, sweet charm with an understated elegance for your unforgettable day, you must visit Sandstone Point.

Boardwalk Bistro on Hastings

For an exclusive and intimate wedding celebration, the best rustic Sunshine Coast spot has to be Boardwalk Bistro. Intimate and rustic certainly doesn’t mean it can’t offer incredible quality and sophistication, however, as this lovely place has found the perfect mix of natural character and a next level dining and celebration experience.

From first-class cuisine and premium beverage options to the incomparable views across the sand and the beach, everything comes together seamlessly here to create simply the best wedding day.

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