The Unique and Different Marriage Celebrants in Sydney

In actual fact, the celebrant can be just as unique and memorable as the other parts of your big day. This person is the host of the ceremony basically and sets the tone for the rest of the day. Choosing a celebrant needn’t be a hard, or boring, decision, and should certainly not be one of those afterthoughts of, ‘Oh, that one will do, just book them.’

Many people choose a celebrant through word of mouth, or because they saw them do a friend’s wedding and just liked their style. Because there can be a lot that seems the same about celebrants, this is a good way to select one for you. But if you don’t have any recommendations or know any names from experience, how do you choose one?

Well, isn’t making choices easier the whole point of Easy Weddings? Celebrants are certainly not all the same.

If you are looking for a celebrant in Sydney and surrounds that is unique and special, and will set a fantastic tone for your whole day (while still getting the serious bits done), check out this handy guide for ten top celebrants in Sydney that are unique (as chosen by the editor).

Ten of the top unique and different marriage celebrants in Sydney

Jessie Cacchillio Civil Marriage Celebrant

If a rave review from Hamish Blake and Zoe Foster for this celebrant doesn’t get you excited, then nothing will. Jessie is young, creative, energetic and fun and will brightness and colour to the serious part of the day. With an amazing eye for detail, the ability to listen and interpret your story perfectly for you, and a special knack for keeping things running super smoothly, Jessie is the ideal choice for a great day. For something heartfelt and full of fresh ideas to put your own stamp on your ceremony, check out Jessie’s work.

Robyn Pattison Civil Marriage Celebrant

Called The Wedding Pixie, this bundle of magic and joy will bring a special touch to your wedding day. Robyn prides herself on creating in your ceremony a living, breathing moment from you for your family and friends. She has a wonderful balance of personal and intimate, fresh and engaging, and will use her magic wand and pixie shoes to make your fairy tale love story truly enchanting. For convenience, and if you love her style, she can also MC your wedding reception for you too.

Forever Now – Michele Selwyn

The very best celebrant will bring all the little extra things to your wedding that you didn’t even know you needed until you needed them. The ideal celebrant is comfortable and laid-back enough to remove any stress you might have, but still professional and organised enough to make sure that everything goes according to plan and without any hiccups. Reviewed as all of these things and more, Michele is loved by her couples and will bring peace of mind to your wedding day.

Jamie Shadlow

While his profile picture shows a couple in raucous laughter, and obviously having a wonderful wedding day, a lot of couples come to their ceremony a little stressed. Jamie specialises in calming the jittery brides and grooms and turning them into relaxed, romantic, smooth-talking rockstars. If you are in any way worried about your day, or how you will get through it stress-free, Jamie is your man.

Marney McQueen

Based on the NSW Central Coast, and travelling all over to make people laugh is Marney McQueen. She is an actress, performer, and comedian who will inject frivolity and fireworks (but the good kind) to your wedding ceremony. She is described as an awesome synergy of comedy and heart and will have your family and friends going from laughing to crying in an instant, delivering true messages of love and commitment amidst the ridiculous. For a happy day, call this Queen.

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